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🠈  About Saint George Color  🠊

In the early days of the internet, thousands of individuals and small companies rushed to create a variety home pages and fun informative sites.

I realized that these wonderful efforts would be doomed to failure if no-one linked to the sites. I determined that the best way to encourage independent web design was to create directories that linked to all the sites I could find in a geographic area.

I started the Community Color project by creating directories and calendars that linked to sites from the region. I was fortunate to grab the premium domains SaintGeorgeUtah.US and CedarCityUtah.US for Southern Utah.

Owning a domain for each town of interest has proven costly; So, in the current build of the site, I decide to take the approach of developing one primary domain for Utah and developing sections for each of the 29 counties in the sate.

As Saint George happens to be both the county seat and largest city in Washington County, I decided to continue developing it as the primary site for Washington County.


My original business plan was to fund the project with affiliate ads. I would be using national advertisers to fund a site that gave free listings to all local web sites.

My income from the affiliate ads has fallen to about 30¢ per 1000 page views.

I would prefer to run ads from local businesses. So, in my rebuild I created a new advertising program. The ad is a 728x90 leader board ad in the upper fold of the page. The ad can either be two lines of text or a 728x90 image (see above). The price for the as is $25.00 for 100,000 page views. This is an incredibly low rate for local advertising.

I invite organizations from Utah Order Ads. I am only interested in advertisements from or about Utah.

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