Ad Target: Business

Starting September 2016, Saint George is offering targeted local ads. The ads do not track user activity (see privacy statement beyond simple page views and unique IP count. The price for a ad is $25 for 100,000 page views.

The process is simple. I assign each page on the site a target. Advertisers can request ads. If I approve the ad, I will place the ads against the targets. There may be more than one ad per target.

NOTE: Prior to using direct ads, I was using affiliate ads. I will replace the affiliate ads with local ads as locals sign up. Some affiliate ads track user activity.

This page shows ads for the target Business. (See All Targets). If you are interested in targeted local traffic, please order an ad.

Ads for Target Business
Ad NameURLPage ViewsUnique IPs
7: staples
205: Design Pickle

NOTE: I do not count this page as an ad view.